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backup media pool

backup media pool: A logical collection of data-storage media that has been reserved for use by Microsoft Windows Backup. Backup uses Removable Storage to control access to specific media within a library.

DHCP decline message (DHCPDECLINE)

DHCP decline message (DHCPDECLINE): A message sent by a DHCP client to the DHCP server to decline the offer of an IP address on the network. This message is used when the client detects a potential conflict because the IP address is found to be already in use on the network. The DHCP decline message name is DHCPDECLINE.


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DHCP negative acknowledgment message (DHCPNAK)

DHCP negative acknowledgment message (DHCPNAK): A message sent by a DHCP server to a client to indicate that the IP address that the client requested is not correct for the local IP network served by the DHCP server. This message is most often used when the client computer was moved to a new location, but it could also indicate that the client's lease with the server has expired. The DHCP negative acknowledgment message name is DHCPNAK.


drainstop: For Network Load Balancing, a command that disables all new traffic handling on the specified hosts. The hosts then enter draining mode to complete existing connections. While draining, hosts remain in the cluster and stop their cluster operations when there are no more active connections. To terminate draining mode, explicitly stop cluster mode with the stop command, or restart new traffic handling with the start command. To drain connections from a specific port, use the drain command.